About Us

 Ministry of equipping people with the necessary tools to obtain freedom from bondage through the power for Jesus Christ based on the biblical principal found in John 8:32 " And ye shall know the truth  and the truth shall make you free." An Ambassador of Christ, a voice of hope delivering spiritual truths to the nations, striving to transform lives and committed to achieving success through responsible stewardship and integrity. Missional advocate and outreach, to heighten awareness and assisting individuals in transition to obtain necessary services. 



Kelly L Shaw is a licensed itinerant preacher and a graduate of the American Baptist Churches of Ohio Leadership Academy and serves at Liberty Hill Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio. Kelly is also a published author, american playwright, director and producer. 

Kelly continues to fulfill her life purpose of equipping people, with the necessary tools to obtain freedom from bondage through the power of Jesus Christ. Her transparency and unique  style of preaching allows her to connect with people of all ages encouraging them to face and embrace the truth that leads to a victorious life of freedom.

Kelly Shaw